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Want your newborn baby snuggled, safe and sleeping?  Give them the perfect transition from the womb into the world with the Spaghetti Wrap.

Imagine a swaddle for your newborn that not only helps your baby sleep longer but also makes life easier for you?

The Spaghetti Wraps’ unique design does exactly that.

With the baby’s hips/legs unwrapped, parents have unrestricted access to the nappy for night time nappy changes …when you definitely don’t want to wake them!   With legs unrestricted, sleeping babies can be safely harnessed in a pram and easily moved to the cot.

Babies with reflux are able to freely kick their legs, helping them with wind expulsion. This design feature also makes this the safe choice for babies with hip dysplasia.  Made from luxurious bamboo it prevents overheating in warmer climates, minimising skin irritation and excessive sweating. When the temperature drops, simply team with a sleeping bag or a quilt.

With so much versatility in one design, this is the must have product for every new parent seeking sound sleep from their little one.  Perfect for all climates, and so easy to use, this simple and practical swaddle will ensure your baby sleeps longer.



As most new and repeat mums will notice, babies have a “startle” movement which can often wake a baby. This is a normal involuntary reflex that lasts up to 4-5 months of age and is known as The Startle Reflex or The Moro Reflex. By wrapping a baby’s arms across his/her body with a swaddle, you are able to minimise the startle reflex and therefore the wakeful episodes of a young baby’s sleep cycle.  The Spaghetti Wrap is a lovely soft, natural fabric that when used will reassure your baby by giving the baby boundaries or edges, if you like.  Neonates and young infants calm when edges are more obvious to them i.e. around their arms and it does give them a sense of security.  Using the swaddle as part of their sleep routine will give your baby sleep signals, along with a feeling of security and familiarity of the womb.

The Spaghetti Wrap is a long wrap that is great to use from birth up until babies are rolling about on the floor confidently.  It will cater for big bubs brilliantly due to the size and stretch of the fabric.  I love the fact that you don’t need to unwrap your bub to secure pram or car seat harnesses.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any mums I chat with in the Clinics.

Clinic Nurse Sutherland Shire


“Based on our own frustrations with sleep time products on the market, we pushed design boundaries to create the Spaghetti Wrap; a swaddle that we wished for when our own children weren’t sleeping.

When sleep for the whole family is so important, why leave it to chance. Now you can take comfort that all of your baby’s sleeping needs have been thought of and, that the Spaghetti Wrap will leave everyone a bit more rested.”

Wendy & Lou, Founders


Swaddle packaging


A Simple, uncomplicated baby swaddle

The Spaghetti Wrap – designed to ensure a longer nights’ sleep for you and your baby. Our swaddle allows for nappy changes without unwrapping, prevents overheating, significantly reduces startle reflex and can be used on babies with hip dysplasia.


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Dummy holder packaging


Don’t spit your dummy (when they spit theirs)

For parents struggling to keep track of those pesky pacifiers, the innovative 3 Dummies on a Door is a godsend – never lose that dummy again!


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Fusing quality, practicality and style – make an impact with a Groove Child gift pack.


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